Happy Holidays From Our House To Yours!
25th December 2011

…and bring your camera…
18th October 2011
We attended the finisage of a group exhibition of amateur painters where a friend of ours was participating. As a group, we decided to go to dinner and celebrate their exhibition. The instructor is an acquaintance that I know through an artist group of which I am a member. I have talked to her several times and, on one occasion, took a photo of her with her painting at the yearly group exhibition of the group. Since I had my camera with me and had taken photos of my work there, I had no problem with it.

As the group was preparing to run through the rain to their respective cars, she mentioned an exhibition opening that she was having the next week. I always enjoy attending openings, both to see what new works people display, but to also see if the venue is a possibility for me to exhibit at in the future. As she mentioned the place and time, I duly noted it down…until she mentioned that maybe I could bring my camera as she hadn’t had time to think about arranging a photographer to take some photos of the event.


My pen went back into my purse and we told her that we would have to check our calendars. My husband already had plans for that evening, so we sent our regrets and promised to stop by to see the exhibition while it was running.

Granted, most photographers take their cameras just about everywhere with them. But, we do like an occasional evening of relaxation that does not involve taking photos. And, when the occasion arises to do something like event photography, we do like to get paid or some other sort of arrangement made.

Case in point: I know an artist in another group. He just celebrated his 84th birthday the other day. Naturally, he’s on a limited income but he still likes to pay his own way. Since I cut my own mats for my photos, I have matting material left over. Instead of having it clog the landfills, I give it to him at our monthly group meetings. I have paintings that he’s done on bottoms of drawers and tiles that he’s found at demolition sites. If he can find it, he’ll paint or draw on it. He brings his latest drawings and paintings to the meetings to show us what he’s been up to. I always bring something home that he’s done. At first, I would try to turn him down – until I realized that this was his way of paying me back for the drawing material. I have enough of his drawings to begin matting and framing them to hang on the wall…and I will be bringing him the leftover matting material.

I wonder if I invite my painter acquaintance to my next exhibition opening if I could ask her to bring her brushes, paints, canvas and easel and paint a picture of the opening. Think she might get the hint then?

Rediscovering Old Photos
19th August 2011
Many times when I take photos, I download them to my computer to work on at a later time. Sometimes, the “later time” means days, weeks and even months. Sometimes, it means later than that.

This was one of those photos. I “rediscovered” it a few months ago, having taken it years ago, long forgotten on my hard drive. After a bit of Photoshop manipulation, I took the opportunity to show it at two of my last exhibitions. The response has been overwhelming! People seem to be drawn to the photo and it was mentioned in a newspaper article about one of the exhibitions.

Funny how rediscovering old photos works out.

When Professionalism Pays Off
04th July 2011
I hadn’t planned on participating in a local event exhibition due to the fact that I wasn’t going to be in the country. But when the manager of our photo group told me that he might not have enough photos for the exhibition, I asked my husband if he could deliver and hang photos if I put together some for the exhibition. He agreed to, so I planned it in before my trip.

The photos – 20 of them – were ready a few days before I left, and I worked up a hanging plan. My husband not only hung the photos but was in attendance during the event to answer any questions. He sent photos to me showing not only my contribution but the fact that the room was full. Several of the other participating photographer’s were also in attendance during the showing and a good time was had by all.

Wolf, always on the lookout for an opportunity for showing my work, asked the owner if there was any possibility that the photo group could show there again. The owner mentioned that there was a festival planned in a couple of weeks and that they had another photographer showing there, but there was room for more. He expressed his disappointment at the hodgepodge appearance of some of the other photos at the exhibition and said that the offer to show in the room would only be extended to me. If anyone else wanted to show their photos, they could, but in another room.

When the owners’ decision was made known to the group, only two other photographers decided to show. The manager of our group was quite angry at the decision and declined. After talking to the owner about his decision, I decided to go ahead and participate. I didn’t regret it. The three days were fun, I got to know quite a number of people and was even afforded an opportunity to hang out in the rafters behind the stage where the bands played to take some photos.

In the end, the owner respected my professionalism and I don’t doubt that, if an opportunity arises again to exhibit there, he’ll call.

Fans enjoying themselves during the afternoon band sessions

While everyone danced to the music, one fan seemed to just enjoy listening

One fan crowd surfs

As I hung up in the rafters, I noticed that someone had drawn hearts on the stage

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