Nature's Images Fine Art Photography Galleries

Animals / Tiere portfolio Photos of animals that I've taken at medieval festivals, at wildlife preserves and in the wild Diverse / Verschiedene portfolio Diverse photography and street scenes from around the world
Flora portfolio Flower photography as taken from both my studio and in nature Hands / Hände portfolio Photos of everyday hands, whether at work or at play.
Infrared / Infrarot portfolio Infrared photos that I've taken either with infrared film or an infrared converted digital camera. Jewish Graveyards / jüdische Friedhöfe portfolio Photos of headstones from Jewish graveyards
Life is a Party portfolio Photos from Kalkwerk Festival in Limburg, Germany Lightning / Blitz portfolio Photos of lightning
Scenics / Landschaft portfolio Landscapes and castles throughout Germany and Austria Smoke / Rauch portfolio Experimentation with smoke
Trashography / Schrottographie portfolio What happens when you allow a group of photographers into a recycling center to photograph trash Water / Wassertropfen portfolio Experimenting with water